2 responses to “The NFL Punts, Gains Bland Super Bowl Logo (And the Best Logos of Past Games)

  1. Robert MacDonnell

    I agree 100%. I am a collector of sports logos and pins. I am greatly disappointed with the NFL going to a standardized logo. There is no life in this logo. What happened to the great colors and representation of the host city? Is there any way to get the NFL to reconsider a different design. Each Super Bowl winner should have a unique logo to put up with their trophy to represent the year they won it all. Not some cold logo that is only slightly different from the last winner.

    • I would think the NFL would only change their direction if there was an overwhelming backlash. I don’t think that will happen in this case. Aside from that, perhaps a significant drop in Super Bowl merchandise revenue would make the NFL rethink their marketing efforts. I doubt that will happen either. Time will tell.

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