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MLB gets tough with Little Leaguers (Nice job)

It’s springtime and for many parents, that means it’s time to get your kids away from the video games and out doing some throwin’, catchin’, hittin’ and runnin’. Most little leagues are either gearing up for, or have already started another season of baseball. One of my sons is playing his third season and he has moved up to the Minor C division, which means there are some changes he needs to adapt to. Namely, the kids are now pitching (no more pitching machine) and the field has a grass infield so ground balls act differently than if they were bouncing across only dirt. And there was one other change that took a lot of people by surprise…

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Quotes of the Day, Jan 26, 2010

To add some emphasis to the previous post, from Clients From Hell:

“Oh, actually we already paid a company to design it in Photoshop. We just need you to click a few buttons and put it on the web. We figure it should only take a couple of hours, so we can pay you $10 an hour.”

“I need 365 all-new, original ‘Far-Side’-esque cartoons for a daily calendar. I can pay $200.”

“This estimate can’t be right! I saw this guy draw the whole Mona Lisa on Youtube in like five minutes. There’s no way you should have to charge me this much to do a ten page website!”

“I’m not paying you anything extra to do the website because it is simply a matter of pushing the right buttons. I know how to push buttons.”

The Earthquake in Haiti

Some events call for attention and cross into areas where such things usually do not venture.

The earthquake in Haiti two days ago is just such an event.

No doubt you have already seen and heard about the death and destruction. I won’t describe it any more here only to say that the devastation is far more than can be captured on a 5 minute news broadcast.

So I am calling on you to help out by considering a donation to one of the charities below. All of them are charities which already operate in Haiti and can use our help right now.

Food for the Poor

The Haitian-American Friendship Foundation

Welcome to the Blog of Rod Roels Design

Hi there.

It’s about time I came to the blog party and it seemed like the beginning of the new year was a good time to do it. I grew a little tired of standing off to the side and simply observing.

I am a graphic designer in Southern California and have been in the industry for over 20 years. I started as a grunt working pre-press in a small print shop and have never stopped getting a thrill of seeing something go from my brain to a printed piece coming off the press. I have had the good fortune to practice my craft in large, worldwide ad agencies; small design firms and in-house art departments. Now, I mostly work on my own with my own clients though I still will take on-site assignments.

As one of many voices on the internet I will be giving my perspective about graphic design, marketing and things of that nature. What I also want to do is use this as a place for the non-designer to learn about what design is, how it works (sometimes) and what they need to know when working with designers and hiring them for work. I think this knowledge will be helpful and eliminate some of the headaches on both sides of the client/designer relationship.

So enjoy your time here and feel free to let me know how I’m doing or ask me any questions you may have.

Rod Roels